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house rules

1.   Basic cleaning is required after using our space, otherwise there will be extra cost for              cleaning fee.

2.   Basic cleaning such as: 

      - Bag all trash

      - Return all equipments to their original positions

      - Should the floors be dirtied from food consumption or any other form of externally

         introduced debris, please use the broom or mop to clean up. 

3.   Return all shifted furniture to its original position.

      Partial deposit will be forfeited for restoration. 

4.   Kindly refrain from turning off any cctvs within our premises meant security reasons to.        avoid any non-compliance charges.

5.   Keep all windows closed at all time.

6.   No smoking, e-cigarette, shisha and/or use of vapes is allowed in our space.

      You may smoke outside of the space. The back alley or the front are both ideal

      to smoke but do keep the doors close at all times. 

7.   No excessively loud music. Keep all activities within the space. If a complaint

     due to excessive noise is surfaced, or if the police are activated to survey,

     full deposit will be forfeited. 

8.  Any damages of facilities, equipment or furniture,

     deposit fee will be deducted as replacement fees. 

9.   No sexual activities, drugs, underaged drinking or any illegal activities. 

10. Leave on time, unless prior confirmation has been sought with us. Any usage of the                space before booking start time and/or after booking end time, would be considered as.        extension of booking hours and may result in partial/full forfeiture of deposit.

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