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At Parallel Space, we want only the best for our guests, to allow for the best enjoyable experience possible. At the same time, we also believe in mutual respect where we

hope you would take care of the space as if it were yours.


We try our best as much as possible to refrain from applying these Non-Compliance Charges to any of our welcomed guests. Let us take care of your entertainment

but we hope you can take care of our space in return!

  • Cleaning fee - $80 (Compulsory)

In order to maintain the cleanliness of the space, a compulsory cleaning fee will be charged.

  • Intensive Cleaning fee - up to $350

Basic cleaning will be required when space is being returned. 

(Example: Trash not cleared up, decoration not removed, food or water spills, vomit, etc)

  • Cancellation fee 

Within 24 hours of booking - Full refund.

Anytime till 30 days before event date - 90% Refund.

Less than 30 days to the event date - 80% Refund.

Less than 7 days to the event date - No Refund.

  • Aircon not turned off - $50

If Aircon isn’t turned off when space is being returned. 


  • Shifted furniture - $100 

If furniture is not shifted back to original places.


  • Damages to walls - $50

Usage of strong mounting tapes, nail, wires, tacks, glue or any form of adhesive

that would be difficult to remove or would result in damages to the surfaces.


  • Space not locked - $100

Both the front and back door have to be locked upon returning of space. 


  • Lost or damages equipment - Value of equipment

  • Smoking in the space - $150

Cost will be incurred to service the air conditioner. Smoking in the space

can harm air conditioner, resulting in increased repair costs, 

reduced efficiency, and a decreased lifespan. 

  • Illegal activities - $300 

If found involving with illegal activities within our space.


  • Complaint received / Police activated - $300

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